Every country is eager to discuss about financial deals with other countries. Importantly countries are bothered about economical development in their country. For this purpose, every country is writing letters to president of the country, or prime minister of the country. In replay they get only arrange international conference services to participate. In conference export of goods are decided, and other country is informing they are having many products to sell, naturally import of the goods are discussed. Apart from this, rich country is ready to help poor country financially. This is also discussed in conference all these organizations required only good place to select and have their conference. Normally even a poor country is having star hotels with all facilities. For an example Thailand is very small country and economically weak country. but in the above country plenty of star hotels are available for any conference. Even economically poor a country is permitting other country business people to start a hotel resort and all people assembling unit, once international conference is conducted in a country that, country gets many numbers of employment, sales and other things. United Nations bothered about educational system in all countries.


So even a university is launching their education in other country, all these are discussed deeply in conferences. In case a conference is conducted in a country that country gets merit certificate.  New touring people are registering in their mind to visit that country just only for international agreement made for tourists. Special arrangement and security is offered for tourist to make a trip without feat in touring places of that country. In general in conference one stenographer would be taking notes of all speeches. All would be typed and recorded. This is the agreement for anything accepted by a country or countries. Many star hotel owners are participating in conference and business people are constructing star hotel in new country just of business and providing employment for local unemployed educated students.


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